Nimiq in a Nutshell

A simple, secure and censorship-resistant cryptocurrency, native to the web.

The Pitch

Nimiq is blockchain technology inspired by Bitcoin but designed for the browser.

Implemented in Rust and JavaScript, Nimiq empowers web developers to easily access and build on it. Only three lines of code connect any web application directly to the blockchain, making it easily accessible to web-based businesses and projects, too.

Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Nimiq does not require a third-party node to send transactions directly from the browser. This advantage allows for a new level of accessibility and user experience without the need to compromise on decentralization or censorship-resistance. Empowered by these features, Nimiq provides a frictionless transfer and store of value directly applicable to the real world: The NIM cryptocurrency.

NIM is the heart of an ecosystem of applications built by the community and the team alike. The free-to-use browser wallet by Team Nimiq is an example of the simplicity made possible by the browser-first blockchain. Creating a Nimiq account on the website requires no download, no personal data and takes less than 2 minutes. Keys are stored in the user's browser and are never sent to a server. A redesign (ETA April ’19) will improve account creation, making it faster to create a Nimiq account than a Google or Facebook account. The project donates some NIM to new users. Try it here.

The same level of easy accessibility is projected for buying and selling NIM as well. Nimiq has started working with a non-custodial exchange and a financial institution to facilitate trustless conversions of NIM to other cryptos, as well as NIM ⇆ Euro.

Nimiq’s protocol and application code is open source. It is a community-driven nonprofit project developed by a multinational and tech-focused team.

For Team Nimiq, impact is more than business. Two percent of the total NIM supply has been irrevocably assigned to Nimiq’s charitable foundation, vesting over 10 years. As the value of NIM grows, this foundation will be enabled to support good cause initiatives with high social or ecological impact.

The Tech

Accounts and balances are stored in a Merkle-based accumulator. Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work allow for super lightweight nodes. Consensus can be established in seconds, including on mobile devices. Argon2d is Nimiq’s latency-bound PoW algorithm; Ed25519 Schnorr signatures secure transactions. Currently, there are two implementations of the protocol: JavaScript and Rust. Cryptographic primitives are optimized through WebAssembly in the browser.

A whitepaper for Nimiq 2.0 – the evolution of the current protocol – will soon be published. Nimiq 2.0’s novel consensus algorithm will achieve a performance close to the theoretical maximum of a single-chain protocol.

The Vision

Barrier-free value exchange for everyone.

The Mission

Enable the most accessible,
censorship-resistant payment solutions.

General Bitcoin Ethereum Nimiq Nimiq 2.0
Primary use-case Store of value, censorship-resistant payments Distributed computing platform, smart contracts Accessible and censorship-resistant payments
User interaction App or website relying on a third-party service/gateway or installing your own node Installation free web-app that runs your own light node inside your browser
JavaScript bindings Yes, but require third-party gateway Yes, natively Yes, natively
Onboarding time
(non-custodial wallet)
Several minutes Several minutes Less than 2 minutes Less than 20 seconds
Tech. Specs Bitcoin Ethereum Nimiq Nimiq 2.0
Maximum supply 21 million BTC infinite 21 billion NIM
On-chain transactions per second 7-15 up to 25 up to 12 1000+
Average block time 10 minutes 15 seconds 1 minute seconds
Current average TX fee 0.10 to 0.20 USD 0.14 - 0.28 USD 0 USD for up to 10 TX per block and sender N/A
Light node sync download size tens of megabytes hundreds of megabytes ~1MB TBA
Consensus algorithm PoW based on SHA256 PoW, planned to be switched to PoS PoW based on Argon2d TBA
Mining CPU, GPU and ASICs CPU, GPU and ASICs CPU and GPU TBA
Smart contracts Scripts, not Turing-complete Programmable, Turing-complete HTLC + Vesting HTLC + TBA
None of the statements must be viewed as an endorsement or recommendation for Nimiq, any cryptocurrency, or financial product. Neither the information, nor any opinion contained herein constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any financial advice or service.
Nimiq is evolving: New Website and UX coming Q2 2019,
Nimiq 2.0 Whitepaper coming Q3 2019. Continue to website

Open Money

Simple, secure and censorship-resistant cryptocurrency.
New Website and
Nimiq 2.0 Whitepaper
coming Q3 2019
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What is Nimiq?

A blockchain technology inspired by Bitcoin but designed to run in your browser. It is a fast and easy means of payment.
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What makes it secure?

Nimiq's decentralized, censorship-resistant payment system is open source and under continuous peer-review. Your funds are controlled by no one but you.

What makes it special?

Nimiq is designed for ease-of-use: its browser-first approach means it is installation-free for users. Developers can easily build on it with JavaScript.
Nimiq is evolving: New Website and UX coming Q2 2019,
Nimiq 2.0 Whitepaper coming Q3 2019. Continue to website



  • Ubuntu 19.04
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Debian 9


Red Hat发行版

  • Fedora 30
  • Fedora 29


  • Windows 10


附注: 此页面说明上述提供的预先编译包的安装和使用方式。 为获得更好的性能,您可以考虑在您欲使用的机器平台上以 源代码 来编译矿工。

Debian dpkg -i nimiq_1.5.0-1_amd64.deb
Fedora yum install nimiq-1.5.0-1.x86_64.rpm


附注: 您必须持有有效的域名和SSL证书,才能运行Nimiq完整节点并接受其他端点的连接。

Linux的配置文件位于 /etc/nimiq/nimiq.conf
Windows系统的配置,请到Windows“开始”菜单, 在Nimiq文件夹中选择“编辑配置”。



host: "",

tls: {




network: "main",

miner: {

enabled: "yes",




systemctl start|stop|restart nimiq
从Windows“开始”菜单启动Nimiq应用程序。若已在配置文件中启用矿工, 挖矿则将自动开始。


The Nimiq Creators are driven by the ultimate life goal to contribute something to society that is meaningful, large scale and cutting edge. Building the Nimiq Network and Ecosystem lives up to those ambitions while the teams combined talents and skillsets secure the capacity to implement them.

Have a look behind the scenes

Team Nimiq

Atua Mo’e

Video Documentation & Social Media

115K Youtube subscribers. Professional Vlogger, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency apprentice.

Chris Mo’e

Video Documentation & Social Media

85K Youtube subscribers. Professional Vlogger, Hobby Blockchain & Cryptocurrency investor.

Curd Becker

System Virtuoso

Curd is a hardware and network systems security expert at heart. He studied computer science at Saarland University, specializing early on in system administration and moving up to Head of Information Technology at CISPA (Center for Cybersecurity, Privacy and Accountability). At CISPA he managed heterogeneous hardware and software platforms across a mix of 70+ physical and virtual servers. Curd volunteered as "Programming for Engineers" tutor for refugees during the immigration wave that particularly challenged Germany. He has a personal passion for operating systems with a focus on security testing and reverse engineering. Several hardware security projects he worked on are strictly confidential.

Daniel Mohr

Frontend Engineer

Research assistant at German research center for AI working on intelligent User Interfaces. Computer Science Tutor and TA at SU. Passion for implementing progressive App responsive UIs and front-ends.

Elion Chin

Nimiq Co-Creator, Operations

Cofounder, Investor and CFO of Silicon Valley based MoodLogic Inc. sold 2006 to AMG (now publicly listed ROVI). PhD (s.c.l) in Economics at Swiss University of St. Gallen and visiting PhD at Stern School of Business, NYU. Built the Silicon Paradise Tech movement in Costa Rica and SkyLoft as secluded incubation base for ideas and early stage startups. Collaboration with Carao Ventures on vetting and supporting startups and professional efforts with high social or ecological impact.

Janosch Gräf

Core Developer

Janosch first started programming in BASIC on a Playstation 2. He spent years of late nights learning PHP, Javascript, C, Python, Java and Rust. By the age of 16 he used C to program an Operating System and soon developed several open source projects. Janosch became interested in cryptocurrencies and bought his first Bitcoins in 2012, and to understand the protocol he implemented his own Bitcoin client. More recently, when he first started programming Rust he immediately fell in love with it. Janosch's philosophy is: "If you find a bug, submit a patch!"

Jeffrey Esquivel

Blockchain Core Developer

Likes to talk binary to chips. The asynchronous nature of JavaScript reminds him of hardware interrupts. Expert on automatic testing frameworks, continuous delivery servers and supporting infrastructure for software projects. At his day job he codes low level software abstraction layers (SDKs) to configure the behavior of custom made Application Specific Integrated Circuits contained in enterprise class networking equipment. Deployed several BIND DNS Servers (with custom-compiled multi­threading support) at a national scale for a major ISP.

Julian Bauer

UI/UX Designer & Developer

Co-owner ‘overnice’ branding and digital communication agency. Consulted the German Foreign Ministry on digital matters. Established a delivery platform for Subway Germany. Frontend developed the Skype Bot Developers Platform. Strong passion for both the big picture as well as attention to detail in UI and UX implementation.

Marvin Wissfeld

Blockchain Core Developer

Presenter at 2017 IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy in Silicon Valley. At age 14 earned first pocket money through his webpage. One of the youngest mentors at Google Summer of Code, Expert on Malware Analysis, Mobile and Web Security. Personal passion for Privacy Engineering, all matters Android and Cryptography.

Mauricio Lara

Counsel & Representation

Mauricio is a Costa Rican attorney and member of both the Costa Rican and American Bar Association. He is also a member of the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (, a leading authority in compliance and financial regulation. He is a partner of InterTax, a legal and accounting services firm with offices in Weston, Brickell and Orlando, FL and San José, Costa Rica and has been advising crypto businesses since early 2014. Mauricio has been invited as speaker to multiple conferences regarding banking, digital payments, cryptocurrencies and regulation for crypto related businesses and compliance. His paper “The Last Decade of Cash” was presented at the Costa Rican International Information Technology Forum 2014. Mauricio is an avid surfer, a long-distance triathlete and cross country mountain biker. He is passionate about evangelizing governmental authorities on distributed ledger technology and applications for law and government and foresees public service in his future.

Maximilian Harz

Frontend Engineer

As curious and explorative child learned what it meant to 'format' a disk the hard way by formatting the only available disk with games on it. When Internet arrived at his home, young Max started to create websites and soon had his own browser games running. Thought it would be fun to study Computer Science. Did several tutor jobs at SU including on topics cryptography and concurrent programming. Worked as full stack web developer on intranet projects for global enterprises. Max worked with and against some of the ugliest business APIs and always succeeded.

Pascal Berrang

Blockchain Researcher & Core Developer

PhD (s.c.l.) in Computer Science (focus on Security & Privacy) at SU with over a dozen publications and several scholarships. Member of saarsec CTF team scoring 3rd at RuCTFE 2015, 2nd at iCTF 2015 and 2nd at RuCTF 2016. Organizing Committee Member for the 1st IEEE European Symposium on Security & Privacy. Hiring committee member for professorships at SU. Former TA for Cyber Security & Mathematics for Computer Science. Loves challenges that seem impossible and has a personal passion for distributed systems.

Philipp von Styp-Rekowsky

Nimiq Co-Creator, Blockchain Tech Lead

BA at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. MA at Max Planck Institute for Computer Science. PhD student to Professor Michael Backes at the Information Security and Cryptography Group at CISPA (Center for Cybersecurity, Privacy and Accountability). Built award-winning software AppGuard (over 2 million downloads, German IT Security Award) and Boxify (CeBIT Innovation Award). Published in several journals and technical reports. Personal passion for Blockchain technology and making security usable without compromising.

Philipp Tschabold

Philipito's Kitchen

(during Hackathons)

After years of working as passionate chef and restaurateur in and around Switzerland, Philipp decided to change things up and follow a free-spirited version of his passion. He set out to create and deliver culinary experiences as a service on sail boats touching some of the most beautiful places around the globe. One of his stops introduced him to a very special part of Costa Rica where he found his love, tranquility and a new home. Philipp met one of the Nimiq team members a few years ago and supports the project during Hackathons for minimal workflow disruption on site and providing a balanced & healthy diet for maximum productivity.

Ricardo Barquero

Community Manager

Telecom Engineer by profession. Cryptocurrency evangelist by choice. Personal projects from CAD application for submarine fiber optic cable comm to developing a synthesizable model of an educational CPU. Life mission to digitalize & monitor every entropic variable in today's world led to speaking at Nagios World Conference 2014. Linux and Networking Instructor at Greencore Solutions. Responsible for running entire backbone infrastructure for largest Cable & Internet Provider in Costa Rica. Technical writer at leading WebRTC company TokBox.

Richard Patel

Core Developer

Started full time programming at 15, modding games in Java and C++. Loves crypto, data archiving and writing Go. Crawls ~1.4 Petabyte at the OD-Database project in his free time. Maintains the BlockAtlas API serving blockchain data to 100'000+ installs of Binance's Trust Wallet. Nimiq community member that joined the team following completion of two projects backed by the Nimiq Funding initiative.

Sebastian Dietel

Frontend Engineer

Sebastian read his first book about programming at the age of 13 and not much later launched his first proper website. Driven by the question ‘What else can I make this machine do?’ he studied Computer Science at SU. He worked as a full stack web developer for almost a decade and delivered a number of award nominated sites for MA-X new media agency. Sebastian loves to challenge himself to learning new things and has a personal passion for implementing uncluttered and intuitive interfaces.

Sören Schwert

Frontend Engineer

Studied Aerospace Engineering in the UK. Worked as requirements engineer and developed a keen eye for detail and perfectionism. As passionate Javascript coder, Nimiq's first Hacker News post was his perfect excuse to dive head-first into blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Sören is an avid follower and active community member and created the first Nimiq blockchain explorer He now applies his problem-solving skills to user-interfaces and helps new developers get started in the Nimiq ecosystem.

Sui-Ju Chuang (穗如)

Communication & Research

Studied Information Management and worked at HTC headquarters in Taiwan. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and English, while determined to become fluent in German as well. During work and travel in the US, Australia, and Europe she discovered her passion for cultures, languages, and communications. She is an optimist with love for simplicity and excited about a better future with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Sven Buschbeck

Communications, UI/UX Development, Technical Documentation

Sven started hacking web apps in the mid 90ies at the age of twelve on a dial-up modem and holds a degree in computer science and media design, specializing on human-computer interaction. He is an advocate for diversity and sustainability, keen on learning, writing, and living outdoors. Worked as web technology consultant and in scientific research at the University of Trento, Italy, and the German Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Has lived and worked in four out of seven continents.

Tammo Mamedi

UI/UX Design

Co-owner ‘overnice’ branding and digital communication agency. Built experience and portfolio at Jung von Matt. Consulted the German Foreign Ministry on digital matters. Food entrepreneur. Personal passion for communication strategies and helping early stage ventures get it right.


Amy Zhang

Communication & Research


BA in Economics from UC Berkeley. Masters candidate in Data Science. Chinese market analyst. Simplicity Evangelist.

Arthur Gervais

Blockchain Security Scientist


Arthur is a Lecturer (equivalent Assistant Professor) at Imperial College London and at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU). He earned his PhD thesis on Blockchain Security and Privacy at ETH Zurich. He has authored several influential peer-reviewed scientific articles published at top-tier security conferences. Arthur is co-founder of the ChainSecurity AG, the first company to provide an automated formal verification tool for Ethereum smart contracts ( The Team is honored to have him look over their shoulders, provide hands-on help and share valuable scientific insights as well as trigger continuous research on topics relevant for the longevity of Nimiq.

Robin Linus

Nimiq Co-Creator, Blockchain & Ecosystem Architect


White Hat, native speaker of Javascript. Designed, developed and open-sourced Snapdrop with more than 500’000 unique visitors since launch. Published privacy tools like Webkay to uncover personal data exposure with over 1.5 million visitors since launch. Revealed security issues through penetration testing (including Twitter and Google). Cofounded Edutech Startup collaborating with ETH Zurich and Humboldt University Berlin. Implemented the world's first prototype of a browser-first Blockchain. Unwavering passion for the full spectrum of the web platform, ranging from UI design to Progressive Web Apps, scalability, performance and security.



  • NIM是Nimiq主网的代币。 在主网发布期间,总量25.2亿的NIM在创世纪区块被创建。 NIM的最小单位称为luna,十万个lunas相当于1NIM。 主网发布后,NIM用来作为矿工奖励,如下列问与答的技术部分所述。

  • 测试网 主网上线前,用来发布及测试新功能的地方。 您在测试网中挖的、交易的NIM即是测试网NIM。 测试网的NIM与主网不兼容,仅用于测试。

  • NET是基于以太坊ERC-20的代币,于 贡献阶段发行。 在激活期间NIM取代了NET。总计10'500'000 NET发行,現今NET已经无效。 更多信息,请至: And then there was only NIM.

  • 是的,我们有一个专属Ledger Nano S 的官方应用程序。 您可以在这里找到使用教程。


  • Nimiq是一个设计简单,基于浏览器的区块链。Nimiq的诞生是为了推广区块链科技的好处,使其成为主流。 为了达到此目的,Nimiq从头开始建立,以便突破使区块链技术成为主流的障碍。 Nimiq具有强烈的贡献意识,以社區需求为导向并且始终开源程序代码。

  • 主要差异:

    • Nimiq的作用为解决支付系统问题。简单、迅速并安全地将资金从A用户到B用户。
    • Nimiq以Javascript ES6撰写,基于浏览器且免安装。通过WebSockets + WebRTC, 无需透过第三方软件连接网路即可沟通。
    • 轻用户(Light clients)能够快速地在几秒内建立区块链共识。
    • 目标为通过链下交易达到近距离即时交易。
    • 长期的承诺与贡献。
  • 官方讯息将发布在我们的博客 以及 推特帐户。除此之外,我们还有一个 YouTube频道。 您也可以通过加入我们的Discord电报群,成为我们社区的一员。 若您还想取得更多资讯,您也可在 RedditSteemit关注我们。


    • NIM:Nimiq区块链代币的缩写。
    • Nimiq帐号:在Nimiq区块链上,每个帐户皆有一组IBAN格式的36字元帐户地址/号码。
    • Nimiq保险箱:数位保险箱含有一个或多个以上的Nimiq帐户,用来储存大量的NIM。 「桌上型优先」、高度安全性能设计,可降低您交易频率。
    • Nimiq钱包:数位钱包含有一个或多个以上的Nimiq帐户,用NIM来做每日交易。 「行动优先」、易于使用的设计,可用来支付更频繁的日常生活交易。
    • 帐户存取档案:包含加密私钥的PNG格式档案相应到您每个Nimiq帐户。
    • 帐户复原词组:此24字的词组可用来复原私钥以及相应的Nimiq帐户。注意!请勿和Ledger Nano S的复原词组混淆。
    • 密码:至少10字元的用户自定义密码,用来加密、解密相应帐户的帐户存取档案及私钥, 使您能够输入、输出帐户的存取档案,包括帐户内已授权/签章的交易资料。
    • Nimiq辨识头像:视觉化地呈现您的Nimiq帐户。每个帐户拥有其近乎独一无二的识别头像, 让您更轻易地辨认出您所持有的不同帐户,以及您欲交易的目的帐户。为了安全起见, 在您授权交易前请务必再度确认正确的帐户号码。
  • 是的。每当您使用一个新的浏览器开启Nimiq应用程序,新的钱包(私钥/公钥)将被创造出来,并储存在您的浏览器内。Nimiq保险箱允许用户 输入及输出钱包,因此,钱包亦可输出至其他的浏览器。若您使用Ledger Nano S,钥匙则已储存在Ledger内,您可直接在多部电脑/浏览器连接 此装置使用,无需再输出钥匙。

  • Nimiq保险箱是一个免费、开源,用户端的使用介面。它让您能够在完全掌握您自己的钥匙及资金的情况下,直接与Nimiq区块链互动。 请注意,您是唯一能够为您帐户安全负责的人。

    • 最安全的作法为通过Nimiq官方的Ledger Nano S硬体钱包来存取您的资金。 即便硬体钱包非为必要,我们仍强烈建您议使用硬体钱包,帮助您免于网络上典型的钓鱼攻击,或是因电脑病毒而遗失资金。
    • 网络钓鱼者可能会通过讯息传送与您Nimiq保险箱、PayPal或是网络银行看起来相似的链接给您,但这些链接都不是真正的网站。 他们藉此窃取您的信息并偷走您的资金。
    • 我们无法复原您的资金或是冻结您的帐户。
    • 请随时验证位址的正确性:
    • 在浏览器栏中手动输入网站位址,检查拼字,并将位址添加至您的书签。不要信任任何通过email, Slack, Reddit, Twitter等等平台所 传送的链接。在您输入任何与安全性相关的信息以前,请务必导向
    •网站上的"Nimiq金钥守卫"是唯一被授权要求您的密码,PIN以及24字复 原词组的软件,仅有在您拜访,于Nimiq保险箱进行与帐户安全性有关的动作时才会发生。
    • 安装广告阻挡软件,且不要点击在您搜寻引擎上所出现的任何广告(例如谷歌)。
  • 拷贝您的24字复原词组及密码。切记,请勿仅将备份档案存在您的个人电脑,请将这些信息打印出来或是写在纸上,分散储存在一个以上安全且私密的 具体储存空间。确保这些备份档案不会因为火灾或水灾与您的个人电脑一起被摧毁。切勿将您的复原词组储存在 Dropbox, Google Drive, 或是其他的云空间。若您的云帐号信息被盗用,您的资金也可能因此被窃走。

  • 如果您遗失您的复原词组、密码或是PIN,这些资金将永远无法被使用。 切勿遗失您的存取信息,请确保您已妥善备份。

  • 不会。您的帐户馀额是储存在Nimiq区块链上而非您的浏览器。浏览器只用来储存您存取资金帐户权限的信息。此档案是离线储存 的,仅有在您将其删除时,您才会失去存取权限,不会因为删除浏览器暂存档而不见。然而,随时备份您帐户的存取权限(帐户存 取档案与24字的复原词组)是非常重要的。

  • 不,他们两者的设计是不相容的。使用硬体钱包的目的为避免电脑私钥被取得,尤其是中毒的电脑。因此,切勿将Ledger Nano S的复原词组输入 到您的电脑,也不要将您电脑产生的复原词组输入到Ledger。若您遗失了您的Ledger Nano S,建议您将Ledger的复原词组输入到另 一个Ledger Nano S装置,以便您取回资金。


  • 一点也不。Nimiq的设计为无须安装其他软件,即可在浏览器内执行,这不表示它只能在浏览器内运行。您可使用任何支持Node.js 的装置来执行骨干客户

  • 我们对此技术感到非常的兴奋,但我们认为在将它引进全球化的生态系统前,还需做更多的研究及测试。 我们考虑未来将它应用在Nimiq区块链上,但现阶段还未确定。

    • 区块时间: 1分钟(受到"在区块链上安全性以及效能的工作量证明"的结果启发)。
    • 总供应量: 共210亿枚代币。若以最小单位10⁵(聪)来呈现,总供应量为21e14,与比特币相同。
    • 挖块奖励: 奖励由4965NIM开始曲线减少(受Monero及Cryptonote启发),与块高度及剩馀供应量成比例。在区块达到某个高度后, 奖励则将维持不变。
    • 最大区块大小: 140 kB。
    • 难度调整: 每120块。

    您可在开发者参考页面 得到更多技术相关数据。


  • 可以,任何可以执行Node.js的服务器或装置皆可挖Nimiq。

  • Nimiq区块链工作量证明使用Argon2算法。Argon2的设计理念在于确保GPU或其他相似处理器的速度不会比一般CPU快太多。 此算法的挖矿速度由记忆体读取速度来决定,而非处理器算力大小。除了达到挖矿速度差异不大的目标外,也降低了现代CPU的功耗。 目前尚未有人开发出优化Argon2算法的机器,因此还没有最理想的矿机。

  • 可以。

    • 如果您的帐户经由Nimiq保险箱、Nimiq浏览器矿工或是Nimiq金钥守卫创造,您只需要使用Nimiq保险箱输出帐户存取档案, 再通过Nimiq保险箱将此档案输入到其他您欲使用的浏览器。
    • 如果您使用的是Ledger Nano S硬体钱包,帐户则储存在硬体钱包上,无须再另外输出帐户存取档案,您便可在多部电脑上使用。
    • 若您欲使节点矿工的挖矿奖励储存在同一个帐户,您仅须在矿工配置文件中设定明确的帐户地址,无须再另外输入帐户存取文件。
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1. Nimiq钱包/保险箱不是银行。


  • 当您在Nimiq钱包/保险箱创造一个帐户时,同时也生成了一组加密数字串。这组加密数字串即为您的私钥(以24字帐户复原词组呈现)以及 您的公钥(以帐户号码呈现)。
  • 钥匙的产生完全在您的电脑浏览器内进行。
  • 您可以生成一个帐户存取档案,档案里头包含以您密码加密过后的私钥,并将它储存在您的电脑里。
  • 我们从不传送,接收或是储存您的私钥、复原词组、密码、帐户存取档案或是其他帐户的信息。
  • 我们不会收取任何交易费用。
  • 我们的用户介面仅是您与区块链直接互动的平台。
  • 若您将帐户号码(公钥)传送给其他人,他们可以传送NIM给您。
  • 若您将您的私钥、24字复原词组、帐户存取文件及密码传送给其他人,他们将拥有您帐户的完全控制权。

2. 这表示我们不能…

  • 存取您的帐户并传送您的资金给您。
  • 复原或修改您的私钥。
  • 复原或重设您的密码。
  • 回复、取消交易或是退款。
  • 冻结帐户。

3. 您是唯一能为您帐户安全负责的人。

  • 请全力以赴地保存好您的私钥、24字复原词组、帐户存取档案以及密码。 私钥有时也称为助记词短语,密钥库文件,UTC文件,JSON文件,钱包文件。
  • 如果您遗失了您的私钥、密码,再也没有人能够复原它。
  • 如果您在钓鱼网站上输入您的私钥,您的资金将被窃取。

4. 请使用硬体钱包或是冷储存,拜托!

  • 硬体钱包是安全性极高且同时是用户友好的存取资金方法。
  • 资金的私钥储存在您硬体钱包装置上,不会外流。
  • 硬体钱包能确保您资金的安全,即使是在中毒或是感染恶意程序的电脑上使用。
  • 如果您持有的加密货币高于一个礼拜的薪资,我们强烈建议您取得一个硬体钱包, 很值得的!
  • 我们建议您使用有Nimiq官方应用程序的 Ledger Nano S,请参考使用教程.

5. 总是从 开始。

  • 在浏览器栏中手动输入网站位址,检查拼字,并将位址添加至您的书签。
  • 上的"Nimiq金钥守卫" 是唯一被授权要求您的密码、PIN以及24字复原词组的软件,仅有在您拜访 并于Nimiq保险箱进行与帐户安全性有关的动作 时才会发生。

6. 安装Metacert开发的Cryptonite,它会在您访问恶意网站时提醒您。

7. 在本地/离线执行Nimiq保险箱。

8. 不要信任任何私人發送的信息、地址或URL。请随时使用辅助来源來验证信息。

  • 切勿在任何电子邮件中点击关于加密貨幣,金钱,银行或Dropbox / Google Drive/ Gmail等服务的连接。
  • 如果您无法抗拒点击了诱饵,也请不要在該页面上输入任何信息。
  • 绝不在您私人讯息收到的网站上输入您的私钥、密码以及PIN或是任何敏感信息。

9. 启用2FA(两步认证)。

  • 现在就去打开吧,别再找任何借口了。請选择谷歌身份验证器而不是Authy, 不要使用您的电话号码。 接着请务必确认您的电话号码没有和谷歌帐户绑定(查看隐私设置)。 因事实证明,您和您的黑客好友都可以通过这个电话号码“恢复”您帐户的访问权限。 如此一来,2FA便失去意义。
  • PS: Nimiq保险箱在用户端运行,这说明2FA对Nimiq保险箱并没有影响, 2FA是用来确保您密码在服务器上的安全性。
  • PSS: 别忘了冷储存您2FA的备份字,否则后果将不堪设想!

10. 再度确认地址尤其是Github地址。

  • 请先确认,接著在你输入任何信息之前再确任一次。 尤其是在任何需要您输入用户名称、密码、网站、email位址、私钥或是其他私人信息的网站。
  • SSL证照仅代表他们买了SSL证照,并不代表此网站是可以信任的。 若您不确定此地址是否正确,请交叉参考 Reddit, Twitter, Github, Discord以及任何其他提到此项目的 网站。
  • Github位址相较之下容易仿造且不容易被察觉。请自己去求证正确的地址,不要在reddit上点击任何随机分享的地址下载。 您可在Twitter上关注开发者的程序储存库,或是在reddit上加入他们为好友(这样他们的名字就会 变成橘色的喔!)或者在GitHub上将这些储存库加入书签,有助于更快地找到正确的URL。

11. 总是认证确认您登陆的网站是正当合法的。

特别是在您要备份私钥或下载应用程序时。 什么是正当的网站?若该网站所提供的服务已长期被使用且效果良好,则可被称为正当的网站。 反之,若网站的URL在上周才注册好,或者网站才“刚启动”… 那么,请谨慎点,避开一段时间。

12. 总是验证他们的Twitter帐户是否合法!

13. 搜寻"他的名称"加上"诈骗"或"评论"。

诈骗网站通常持续不久,请重视人们随机在博客上留下的评论,仔细评估单一网站来源的信息。 并了解合法服务在长期经营下,常有正负两面评论存在的可能性。 诈骗网站通常没有人讨论,仅有人们抱怨被骗的经验; 然而,他们也可能拥有异常完美的评论…此两种状况皆需要特别警惕。

14. 不要执行任何远端软件 (例如:TeamViewer)。

绝不要这么做,尤其是在您储存钥匙的电脑上。这些程序的安全漏洞非常多。 试想:您一直以来都小心翼翼地使用2FA,却在这情况下,轻易地把这个字串給某人,让他訪問您整台电脑的"每個帳戶"?

15. 安装可以真正阻挡Google/Bing广告的阻挡软件。

我们建议您使用uBlock Orgin,如果您使用的是Adblock Plus,它并不会为您阻挡Google的广告。 请到您的Adblock Plus设置去取消"在Adblock Plus 中允許可接受的廣告"这个选项。

16. 不要点击任何广告。


17. 如果您意外的访问或是输入了恶意网站地址,请清除您最近的历史纪录及自动完成的纪录。

例如您最近访问了恶意网站 ""(中间多了一个k), 清除历史记录可免于您下次输入kra…时,自动完成记录再度帮您输入了恶意网站。

18. 没有人会给您免费或是价较好的NIM, NET, ETH, BTC或其他代币!

  • 典型的诈骗手法常要求您完成问卷或是分享您的私人信息。 请总是在您输入任何私人信息前,再度确认您否在合法网站上。
  • 刚结束代币销售的合法团队、公司及项目会通过私人讯息贩售代币给您。
  • 不要以显示头像来判断信息来源的真实性。

20. 使用安全性较高的密码。

21. 仅有在您要发送交易时才将您的钱包解锁。

您可以通过像 Nimiq.watch的区块链查看工具来查询馀额。

22. 最后:花点心思想想。

请花点时间想一想,不要轻易假设。主动开口询问,不要盲目跟随。随时保持警惕。 如果事情看起来不对劲…… 如果您觉得您是世界上最幸运的人…… 如果您有些质疑 “为什么我还没有在reddit上看过这个”等等,可能都是有原因的。















Trust Wallet


SushiPool Explorer


Bidali 礼品卡

使用您的NIM购买亚马逊卡,百思买,iTunes,Google Play以及更多礼品卡

GetNIM Android


Kunani Desktop Miner

使用Windows 10的Nimiq 桌面挖矿工具让挖矿更快速



Nimiq Mopsus












Nimiq 实用工具




Nimiq Funder




PayNim 电报机器人


Short NIM













Nimiq 区块链上的在线工具收集

Nimiq团队不对使用社区应用程序的内容及风险负责。 社区应用程序为独立运营,我们强烈建议您在使用前研究项目及其运营商的具体条款,以及其可信赖性和完整性。
Nimiq 是一个因纽用词,表示将事物连结在一起的一个东西或一股力量。
Nimiq 是一个因纽用词,表示将事物连结在一起的一个东西或一股力量。
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Nimiq 是一个因纽用词,表示将事物连结在一起的一个东西或一股力量。
Nimiq 是一个因纽用词,表示将事物连结在一起的一个东西或一股力量。
Nimiq 是一个因纽用词,表示将事物连结在一起的一个东西或一股力量。












Nimiq刚刚发布 全新的用户界面新版白皮书 ,并且 已在KuCoin上币
Nimiq 是一个因纽用词,表示将事物连结在一起的一个东西或一股力量。
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